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Real Steel
Real Steel
White Rock x Trunk




Trunk x Long John x Leo x Leo




"Unleaded" - Tantrum's sire
"Beaver" - Maternal brother to Tantrum
Unleaded x Wildfire x Outkast
Owned with Justin Hull and Todd & Katie Frankenfield




No Strings Attached
No Strings Attached
Curtain Call (Best Buy x Tex) x All-In x Masterpiece (Miller ewe)




Unleaded x Unleaded
Owned by AWTR and Rule

I am very excited to have the opportunity to get a few ewes artificially insemenated to Tundra this year. After seeing his first lamb crop I feel he will give Simms Club Lambs an added boost for next year!!




Southern Thrill
southern thrill
Allred/Elliott G2001
Holey Moley x Trunk

This guy was purchased out of Allred/Elliots Elite 8 Sale and his picture does him no justice. I didn't have intentions on buying a buck until I went to the Open House in late April, but when I saw this guy it changed my mind. He is very current for the times. He is moderate, extremely balanced and cracked open in his skeletal structure. I feel with the pure muscle mass this guy has will work great on Vintage daughters!!




Curtain Call
curtain call
a.k.a. "2"
DeSpain "2"
Best Buy x Tex

Curtain Call was aquired from DeSpain Club Lambs this spring and got alot of work this fall. He is extreme in his make up with phenominal rack shape and a superb hip. He is big footed and still has that shag factor. After seeing a few of his lambs at Larry's house I felt he would be a great match for my ewe base that is rich in DeSpain genetics.




curtain call
Allred/Elliott 8317
Eccentric x Incognito

I was fortunate to buy Vintage as Lot 1 of the 2010 Americas Top 20 Sale from Clay Elliott and Donnie Begalka. He has been a success since coming to Missouri. He has sired numerous class winners and champions from the county level to State Fair for me as well as a Houston Premium Sale lamb before coming to Simms Club Lambs. But one of his best assets is his daughters!! They are making a great impact on my program with being structurally correct, perfect in their lines and still maintain that show ring look, while still being extremely maternal in the lambing barn.




The Situation
the situation
Simms G222
Vintage x Unleaded

The Situation was my keeper buck out of Vintage's 2011 lamb crop. He was a late lamb so only saw limited action last year but what few ewe lambs I bred him too came out with a bang. The lambs were neat in their front end and chest floors, jacked fronted with massive racks and lots of shag. I am super excited for his lambs this year as he is being paired with Vintage and Unleaded daughters.




Photo Coming Soon
big city
Miller Y25
Untouchable x Masterpiece

Big City was the leadoff and high selling sheep in the first annual Miller Online Production Sale in 2010. He is one of the longest bodied and longest handling rams you will come across! Big City has definitely added an interesting piece to my breeding program by siring lambs that are cool fronted, lots of Hamp breed character and handle awesome from the 13th rib back.


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For Sale

March 29-30 - Richmond, IN
Simms Club Lambs Simms Club Lambs
Tag 326 - Ewe Lamb
DOB: 01/03/2014
Sire - Situation (Vintage x Unleaded)
Dam - Big City x DeSpain 240



Simms Club Lambs Simms Club Lambs

Tag 338 - Wether
DOB: 01/28/2014
Sire - Situation (Vintage x Unleaded)
Dam - DeSpain 240 x Harrell





Simms Club Lambs
Tag 336 - Wether
DOB: 01/21/2014
Sire - Situation (Vintage x Unleaded)
Dam - Wheaton 8005 (Classic x DaVinci x Classic's mom) x Toxic

For Sale
For Sale
For Sale
Simms G272
Big City x Ellerbrock

Simms 225
Vintage x Contender (Cabannis Exclusive son)
Simms G250
Big City x Miller ewe (All-In x Masterpiece)

Contact Ryan for more info @ 816-838-5330

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